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Cedar Valley Hardcore


Current Bands:
Against the Team- Rock from Cedar Rapids, IA
A is Jump- Indie pop from Cedar Falls, IA
All Rattle and Dust-(formally Heart Attacks)rocknroll from Cedar Falls/Marshalltown, IA
Battle Behind Us- Grindcore from Cedar Rapids, IA
Begin Again- Christian hardcore from Cedar Falls, IA
Brian Jones- Rock n roll from Cedar Rapids, IA
Dale Hanson- Chaotic screamy stuff from Cedar Falls, IA
Dogger- Dub reggae from Cedar Rapids, IA
Drag for Miles- Metal from Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA
Gentle Black Amy- (Formally Friends of Alf) Cultural Slo-core from Cedar Falls, IA
H.E.M.- Hardcore cover band from Waterloo, IA
Hollis- Rock 'n' roll from Cedar Falls, IA
House Arrest- Punk from Waterloo, IA
HUGS- Chaotic hardcore from Cedar Falls, IA
Infandous- Metalcore from Traer, IA
Lunamoth- Indie rock from Cedar Falls, IA
Maybe Tomorrow- Rock from Cedar Rapids, IA
Modern Life is War- Hardcore punk from  Cedar Falls/Marshalltown, IA
North to Alaska- Indie rock from Cedar Rapids, IA
Oregon Falls- Melodic hardcore from Madison, WI
Sadistic Kids- Punk from Cedar Rapids, IA
Sadness Falls Tonight- Emocore from Waterloo, IA
Safie- Super rock n roll from Cedar Falls, IA
The Clark Kents- Old school punk from Waterloo, IA
The Decline- Hardcore punk from Waterloo, IA
The Happy Sunshine Five- Hardcore from Waterloo, IA
The Legacy- Grunge like rock from Cedar Rapids, IA
The Letter A- (formally Definite Change) Rock n roll from Cedar Falls, IA
The Milkbox Photo- Emo from Cedar Rapids, IA
The Point Blank- metalcore from Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA
The Police Cops- Funny punk from New Hartford, IA
The Shape- Indie from Denver, IA/Johnson City, TN
The Skabortionists- Ska/punk/reggae from Waverly, IA
Past Bands:
12 Cent Goldfish- Ska from Waterloo, IA
A Process of Becoming-  Cedar Falls, IA
As Advertised-  Jesup, IA
Defaced-  Cedar Falls, IA
Enkindle-  Cedar Falls, IA
Guilty As Charged-  Cedar Falls, IA
Innocence Broken-  Waverly, IA
Midnight Initiation Ceremony-  Cedar Falls, IA
Not by Might Nor by Power-  Cedar Falls, IA
Syb- Cedar Falls, IA
The Fellas-  Cedar Falls, IA
The Oscos- Cedar Falls, IA
The Shiver- Cedar Falls, IA